Benefits of Using Gator Base for your Patio

Benefits of Using Gator Base for your Patio

Gator base is a foam based product created to simplify pedestrian paver installations. It is a 2’x3’ panel that is lightweight and built to save time, money and labor. This small but useful product has a lot of benefits and can make your job easier.

Benefits of Gator Base

  1. Lock-N-Go Function: The panels lock into each other creating one large base. This base is stronger and sturdier than your plain base.

  2. Protects against Freeze, Thaw: Gator base provides insulation from the ground and can endure natural ground movement.

  3. Easy Construction Techniques: It's durable and you're able to walk on it without ruining your base. Slide the pavers into place on top of the base. It protects your grade from rain during construction. And gator base offers better load transfer for when your project is complete.

  4. Eco Friendly: Gator Base is permeable with built in drainage channels making it eco-friendly. It also has no chemicals going into the native soil

  5. Easy to Use: Each panel is lightweight so there is no need for any heavy equipment to create your base.

  6. Reduces Excavation: Gator Base eliminates the need for your typical 6” of compacted crushed stone. All together you should only need to excavate 4” down instead of your traditional 9-10”.

  7. Saves on Time: Contractors can install more jobs using gator base in the same amount of time using the traditional base. It also makes your DIY job a breeze!

With its multiple benefits you may think Gator Base is perfect for any project. Yet in some cases you may want to choose against using it.

Use Gator Base When…

  1. You have difficult access to job sites. If it's hard to get machines in or you don’t have much space for excavated soil and material, gator base is the way to go.

  2. You need to get the job done quickly. If you want to save time on your project, using gator base can help you get the job done faster.

  3. You're on a budget. You can save approximately 25% on labour costs alone when using gator base.

Don’t Use Gator Base When…

  1. You are doing a driveway. Gator Base is not recommended for vehicle use areas.

  2. You are doing a curvy, serpentine area or walkway. Having to cut all the gator base to make the curves can be time consuming and produce a lot of panel waste.

  3. You are creating a raised patio. Raised patios are raised using ¾” clearstone. Since you have raised it up using the aggregate, the gator base is almost pointless at that time. The cost benefits and the excavation benefits have disappeared.

  4. Your project uses multi thickness pavers. When you’re using pavers of different thicknesses the gator base does not allow you to screet your base. This prevents you from ensuring all pavers are leveled with each other.

Gator Base is a great asset to your project whether you are a contractor or a DIYer. Save time, money and yourself by choosing to use Gator Base. Want to know more? Head to Alliance Gators Website for more information!



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