Environmental, Water, Septic, & Sewer Services

Septic System Design and Install

We are a licensed Septic Installation contractor. We can meet with you to establish what you require, advise you on preferred locations and elevations of the finished system. We are able to design a new system and complete the necessary permit application on your behalf.

We are also a certified Ecoflo installer. The Ecoflo is a peat based system that is well suited to very small lots and environmentally sensitive areas such as cottage lots on lakes and rivers. For more information on Ecoflo Click Here



We can install Eljen Septic Systems.

We are also a certified Waterloo Biofilter Installer. The Waterloo Biofilter is a tertiary treatment system that uses foam blocks to treat the septic system. For more information on the Waterloo Biofiliter Click Here

Environmental Contractor

Dibbits Excavating Ltd. is a MOE licensed contractor. We are able to excavate and transport contaminated soils. If you have an area in question or need soils removed please feel free to give us a call.

Water & Sewer

We can provide all your sewer and water connection needs. We have experience in new residential servicing as well as existing water and sewer repairs. Our experience also extends to service extensions to municipal mains and commercial improvements.