FRequently Asked questions



What do you put under pavers?

There are a number of steps in the process of installing pavers.  We sell High Performance Bedding (HPB), Limestone Screenings, Sand, Filter Cloths, and much more to complete the steps for installing pavers.  For more information Click Here.

What are some of the most common pavers?

Some of the most common pavers that we sell are OAKS Colonnade and Wexford Pavers as well as the OAKS Rialto Slab.  In addition, the Premium Flagstone, Brown's Concrete Grand Flagstone, and Permacon Rosebel Slab are very popular .  Feel free to stop by our yard to view our entire selection and talk to one of our staff members.

What if the paver I want is not in stock?

If you need a particular product and it is currently not in-stock, one of our qualified staff members can order the product for you.  Depending on the size of your order you may need to complete a "Landscape Supply Order Form" to submit to staff members.  Most orders take 2-3 weeks to arrive.

What can the price of pavers range from?

The price of pavers can range from $2.75/ftto $9.50/ft2.  In general, most pavers fall between $4.00/ft2 to $5.00/ft2.



How much is a full truck load of material?

Our tri-axle dump trucks can deliver up to 24 yards (depending on the product) and the single-axle dump truck can deliver up to 6 Yards of material (depending on the product).

What is the cost of delivery?

The cost of delivery is based on the location where the material is to be delivered. To find the cost of your Delivery Click Here.

What is the maximum amount the single-axle dump truck can hold?

The single-axle (small) truck can deliver 6 yards of topsoil or 10 yards of our mulches and the Gro-Max Triple Mix soil.

What is the maximum amount a tri-axle dump truck can hold?

 Our tri-axle dump trucks can deliver up to 18 yards of most products and up to 24 yards of mulches and the Gro-Max Triple Mix soil.

Do you offer same day delivery?

Yes, we do depending on our schedule we can deliver your order the same day or the next business day at the latest. Usually, we require at least one business notice to arrange a delivery or place an order please call our office at (613) 394-3478.  Deliveries are Mondays to Fridays only. 

Can you deliver a product to my house and I can pay later?

Payment is required prior to delivery through main office.  There is no cash on deliveries.  Product (s) must be paid in full before Dibbits Excavating and Landscape Supply Ltd. can reserve and/or deliver it to your house. 

Do I have to be home for delivery?

You do not have to be home for the delivery; however, you must indicate where you would like your product unloaded by marking the load drop-area with either a shovel, wheelbarrow, or tarp.  Important:  If no spot is clearly marked then the delivery may not be made and the customer will be responsible for paying a second delivery charge at a later time at his or her own expense.  When marking a drop spot location please be sure that there are no overhead wires, dangling branches, tight spots, soft ground, etc., which could put your property and/or our equipment at risk of damage. 

I want to have the products I ordered delivered but dropped somewhere beyond my driveway.  Can Dibbits Excavating and Landscape Supply Inc. accommodate my request?

Deliveries past the curb are subject to the driver's discretion and the purchaser takes full responsibility for any and all damages.  When marking a load drop-area please be sure that there are no overhead wires, dangling branches, tight spots, soft ground, etc., which could put your property and/or our equipment at risk of damage. **We take great care on deliveries, but enter your property at your request and risk.**



What is Gro-Max (Triple Mix)?

Gro-Max is a well-balanced, planting soil.  It is virtually weed-free with high organic matter content.  It is light weight, porous, has optimum pH, and resists compaction.  This is a great soil for starting new gardens, top dressing existing gardens and top dressing lawns. (Not recommended for vegetable gardens started from seed).  For more information on this Gro-Bark product Click Here.

What is Dibbits Triple Blend?

Dibbits Triple Blend is a high density soil used primarily in gardens.  It is a combination of top soil, peat, and compost.  This soil would be recommended for vegetable gardens, landscape gardens and top dressing lawns.


What is Screened Topsoil?

Screened Topsoil is a premium screened soil having been processed with our screening equipment to remove all debris greater than 7/16” ( 11 mm )Screened top soil is recommended for grading, establishing new lawns, and gardens.

What kind of gravel do I get for my driveway?

The 5/8" Limestone Gravel is perfect for covering driveways.

Where does your mulch come from and what kind of wood is it? 

We get all our mulches mainly from Gro-Bark. For more information on our mulches Click Here.

What kind of stone product could I use for a dog-run?

We recommend using the pea stone gravel.  The soft, pebble-like stone is great for a dog-run.



How do I know if I am receiving quality goods for my money?

Dibbits Excavating has been in business for more than 45 years and has always had a reputation for quality products and friendly customer service. We only sell products that we would be happy to have installed at our own home and want to make sure you are happy with    them as well.

Does Dibbits provide transportation services for others (I.e.:  float) to move/haul heavy equipment and trucks?

Unfortunately, we do not offer transportation services for others to move heavy equipment and trucks.  However, a team member at Dibbits would be more than happy to provide you with some names of companies in the area who do.

Does Dibbits install pavers?

We are not a landscape contractor and as a result do not install the products that we sell.  We have a number of quality landscape       contractors that are our customers and we would gladly give you their contact information. For more information on pavers Click         Here

Do you rent out equipment?

Yes; however, we only rent our heavy equipment with one of our experienced operators.  If you are interested in seeing what one of our great operators can do for you please call our office at (613) 394-3478.  For more information on the Heavy Equipment that we have available to work for you Click Here.            

How do you price your bulk products?

All of our bulk materials such as gravel, screenings, sand, river stone, mulches and soils are sold by the cubic yard.  A cubic yard is 3' x 3' x 3'.

How do you price your large Armour Stone and Field Stone?

 We sell our Armour Stone and Field Stone by weight. We will weigh your order on our scales and they are then sold by the ton.  Stop    by our yard and we can give you pricing on our larger stone. For more information on the stones we have available Click Here.

How do I know how much material I will need?

Click the link to find out how much material you will need for a rectangular area

Will salt damage my interlocking sidewalk in the winter?

Yes, some rock salt can cause damage to your pavers and natural stone.  One of the preferred ice-melting compounds is ICE MELTER.  It can be purchased at your local Home Hardware or online. Be sure to do some research before applying.  For more information Click Here.

What methods of payment do you accept? 

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Debit, E-Transfers (send to, and cash at our sales office.  No Cash on Deliveries (no COD's).    

Can you process my payment over the telephone?

Yes, you can place an order over the telephone and we can process your payment with either VISA or MasterCard.

I decided to use a different kind of paver for my walkway can I return a product after I bought it?

Pl​ease see our Terms and Conditions section.

I have never been to your store before where do I go once I arrive?

All of our staff associates at Dibbits Excavating and Landscape Supply are very welcoming.  When you arrive at our main office/sales office please park in our customer parking area and come inside.  Our sales staff will happily assist you with all of your questions, orders, pick-ups, and/or purchases.