Heavy Equipment Services

Regardless of the project we can provide the necessary heavy equipment to get the job done. Our operators are experienced and skilled, making them capable of tackling any project. Let us know how we can work with you today.



Screening Plants

The McCloskey 621 RE is used for screening topsoil. The screening process uses wire mesh to remove all debris that is 9/16" and greater from the soil. This results in a premium quality soil that is excellent for lawns, gardens, and flower beds







Excavators are often the machine of choice for many tasks on the job site. The ability to swing 360 degrees can make a challenging job possible.

Available:  Caterpillar 320EL                                                                                                        Caterpillar 320DL                                                                                                       Caterpillar 315CL 

Options:    Catperpillar H 130 Hammer                                                                                    60" Wrist-a-Twist Ditching Bucket                                                                          48" Excavation Bucket                                                                                              24" Trenching Bucket                                                                                                                                                                                           Grapple Thumb



The Crawler Dozer is an excellent machine for grading around homes. It can also be used for leveling fill, stripping topsoil and preparation for construction.

Available:  John Deere 450J







Loaders are the machine of choice for mass loading of trucks or moving material on site.  Our machines have quick disconnects allowing them to change buckets and attach forks to move larger items.

Available: Caterpillar 924G                                                                                                        Caterpillar 924K

Options:  3 Yard Bucket                                                                                                               1 Yard Bucket                                                                                                              Forks




Backhoes are used for many commercial and residential jobs. With the ability to excavate, trench and carry materials on site, the backhoe is a valuable tool on any work site.

Available: Caterpillar 420E

Options: 36" Wrist-a-Twist Ditching Bucket                                                                           36" Excavation Bucket                                                                                               18" Trenching Bucket                                                                                                 1.25 Yard Front Bucket




Triaxle Dump Trucks

18-20 Yard Capacity








18-20 Yard Capacity









Single Axle Dump Trucks

5-6 Yard Capacity








Triaxle Flatbed with Hitchhiker Forklift