Topsoil is one of nature's most valuable resources. The key to a great soil is its organic matter. It is the work of micro-organisms in the organic matter that produces essential nutrients and minerals to support plant growth. Organic matter also improves the soil structure, improves drainage and locks in moisture and nutrients around plant roots.

Our topsoil is locally sourced. It is a premium screened product having been processed with our screening equipment to remove all debris greater than 9/16" (14 mm). Screened topsoil is suitable for establishing new lawn, raised gardens and vegetable gardens.


Gro Max Garden Blend

Our Gro Max soil is blended by Gro-Bark. Gro Max is appropriate for a variety of plants such as annuals, perennials, shrubs, herbs and vegetables. The blend consists of compost, aged bark, peat and topsoil. This is a great soil for starting new gardens, top dressing existing gardens and top dressing lawns.

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Dibbits Triple Mix

Dibbits custom blended triple mix includes the finest local #1 topsoil, local green waste compost, and high quality peat. This product is great for top dressing your lawn, topping up garden beds, or as a general garden soil.


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