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Gro Turf Triple Mix

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Gro-Turf is a rich blend of composted materials that is high in organic matter and beneficial soil microbes. It can be applied with, or without seed in a topdressing program. Gro-Turf has excellent moisture retention, which promotes water holding for over seeding. Gro-Turf has been specifically designed to attack and break down thatch, a layer of both living and dead plant material that accumulates around the base of grass plants. This helps to eliminate heavy thatch build-up, which encourages root grow-in and nutrient transfer - keeping your lawn looking healthy and green.
1/2" of Gro-Turf is sufficient coverage for most topdressing applications. Each yard bag should cover around 650 SF of topdressing at that depth. 
  • Bag price includes delivery cost for zones 1-4. Please refer to the map on the home page to determine the zone you live in.
  • Please allow up to 14 days for delivery. We will notify you the day before.
  • Make sure the spot for delivery is marked with an "X".