Shoreline Protection

At Dibbits Excavating and Landscape Supply, we are here to help you repair, restore and protect your shoreline. We will provide comprehensive advice in planning your project, utilizing high-quality materials and skillful execution to see it through to completion. Whether you want to use natural limestone, fieldstone boulders, or precast concrete products, at Dibbits we want to make Your project Our project.

Often, our clients will ask for a shoreline retaining wall at the water's edge with a near vertical face. While the appearance of this wall may be impressive, the flat face can present a number of concerns. When a wave impacts a vertical surface there is little absorption or deflection of the energy stored in that wave. As a result this excess energy promotes scouring and erosion of the foundation and at the ends of the wall, compromising it’s integrity. A vertical wall can also be negatively impacted by ground movement during the freeze-thaw cycles, and suffer increased structural damage from ice (heaving, jacking, etc.). To build a structurally sound vertical wall with confidence, it is best to build the entire wall above the high water mark, back from the water’s edge. Contact us for further information.

An alternative method for protecting your shoreline is to install a revetment slope. A revetment is defined as a protective covering of natural rock on an embankment of earth designed to maintain the slope and protect it from erosion. The gentle slope of a revetment helps alleviate the problems of a vertical wall, dissipating and absorbing wave energy. A revetment is ultimately more natural in appearance and can provide habitat for many shoreline species. Nevertheless, it will often take up more space - certainly a consideration when space is at a premium. 

Shoreline work always begins with an initial site evaluation to determine what options will work in your unique situation. Then, work permits are required from the various government authorities; we can complete and submit these applications for you if you would like. Your shoreline deserves to be made from the strongest materials, and we provide only the best products available. If necessary, we will pre-assemble your structure at our supply yard to ensure the best fit possible. When the components arrive at your site, our skilled staff will put it all together, making your project an attractive and enduring reality. We will always work together to ensure that your shoreline project is completed to your expectations, leaving you with a smile on your face.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need permits?

In most cases, you will require a work permit from the local Conservation Authority. You may also require the approval of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Fisheries, and the Department of Fisheries and Oceans. We can file these applications for you.

Do I have choices in what materials to use?

We offer several different kinds of materials, including fieldstone boulders, armour stone and precast concrete products. We encourage you to check out our displays at our supply yard at 132 County Road 40, Trenton, ON.

Can I still access the water when the work is done?

We also install stair cases down to the water’s edge. You can choose from natural stone, precast concrete or poured concrete options.

When can you start the work?

Obtaining the necessary permits and materials can take 2 to 3 months from the time of application, but water levels and soil conditions can also factor into it.

How much will my shoreline cost?

There are a number of factors to consider when budgeting for a shoreline project; here are just a few;

  1. How long is your shoreline and the height of the bank at the water’s edge?

  2. Is your current shoreline a vertical bank or a broken slope?

  3. What are the soil conditions at the shoreline? Sand, rubble, limestone bedrock?

  4. Does your shoreline experience high winds and heavy wave action?

  5. Has ice build up in the winter caused previous damage to the shoreline?

  6. Is there good land access to the shoreline for machines, trucks and material storage? 

  7. Will work be required in the water to complete your project?

Still have questions?

Come in and talk to us, we would love to meet you. We can offer helpful advice and information, as well as provide a free estimate.  While you are here, come look at our outdoor displays to gain a better understanding of the materials used in typical shoreline construction projects.